UTS emblem and logo

The emblem embodies three main components. The most prominent feature is the anchor drawn from the coat of arms of the City of Sydney where the largest campus of UTS is located. It reinforces the University's traditional close links with government, commerce and industry within the city.

The base of the anchor also forms one of the spirals of the double helix in the representation of the DNA molecule, the basic building block of life itself. The symbol, therefore, reflects the innovative, technological character of the University.

The wave motif at the base complements the other elements in the design and underlies the maritime position of the City of Sydney.

This contemporary design is contained in a heraldic shield which provides a sense of continuity with tradition for institutions of higher learning through the ages.

The emblem (in teal blue PMS 321) can be used singly or in association with the stylised 'UTS' acronym to form the UTS logo.

Applications to use the UTS emblem and logo should be directed to the Registrar.


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