University of Technology, Sydney

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Postgraduate courses

Research degrees

C02048Doctor of Philosophy
C02058Doctor of Philosophy
C03046Master of Business (Research)

Coursework degrees

C04018Master of Business Administration
C04031Executive Master of Business Administration
C04038Master of Financial Analysis
C04048Master of Finance
C04237Master of Professional Accounting (Extension)
C04238Master of Professional Accounting
C04258Master of Finance (Extension)
C04259Master of Management (Extension)
C04260Master of Human Resource Management (Extension)
C04282Master of Finance
C04285Master of Event Management
C04286Master of Human Resource Management
C04287Master of Management
C04288Master of Not-for-Profit and Social Enterprise Management
C04290Master of Sport Management
C04304Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship
C04324Master of Strategic Supply Chain Management
C04325Master of Strategic Supply Chain Management (Extension)
C04367Advanced Master of Business Administration
C04368Master of Event Management (Extension)
C04369Master of Sport Management (Extension)
C04371Master of Not-for-Profit and Social Enterprise Management (Extension)
C04382Master of Marketing
C04383Master of Marketing (Extension)
C06009Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
C06017Graduate Diploma in Event Management
C07012Graduate Diploma in Financial Analysis
C07018Graduate Diploma in Management
C07019Graduate Diploma in Not-for-Profit and Social Enterprise Management
C07021Graduate Diploma in Finance
C07029Graduate Diploma in Sport Management
C07113Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
C07129Graduate Diploma in Strategic Supply Chain Management
C07135Graduate Diploma in Marketing
C11008Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
C11015Graduate Certificate in Financial Analysis
C11021Graduate Certificate in Management
C11024Graduate Certificate in Not-for-Profit and Social Enterprise Management
C11027Graduate Certificate in Finance
C11037Graduate Certificate in Sport Management
C11038Graduate Certificate in Event Management
C11198Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management
C11199Graduate Certificate in Strategic Supply Chain Management
C11206Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting
C11208Graduate Certificate in Executive Business Administration
C11243Graduate Certificate in Finance
C11251Graduate Certificate in Commercialisation
C11252Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship
C11253Graduate Certificate in Venture Acceleration
C11269Graduate Certificate in Business Practice
C11282Graduate Certificate in Marketing
C11288Graduate Certificate in Business Strategy

Courses offered in conjunction with others

C04250Juris Doctor Master of Business Administration
C04274Master of Engineering Management Master of Business Administration
C04277Master of Engineering (Extension)
C04278Master of Engineering (Advanced)