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SMJ02037 Information Technology

This sub-major provides a general understanding of the main aspects of the IT field, from a slightly more technical perspective than SMJ02036. Students gain an appreciation of the complexity of IT development and the many possibilities for future uses of IT in business.

There are two optional networking subjects in this sub-major. 31270 Networking Essentials includes material from the Cisco Networking Academy, and is designed for students who intend to pursue a career related to networking. 31270 is a prerequisite for later Cisco Networking Academy subjects. Students who do not intend to pursue a career related to networking can instead choose 41092 Network Fundamentals.

Completion requirements

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
31061  Database Principles 6cp 
31266  Introduction to Information Systems 6cp 
41092  Network Fundamentals 6cp 
48023  Programming Fundamentals 6cp 
31268  Web Systems 6cp 
Total  24cp