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Credit recognition

Credit recognition is granted in accordance with section 6 of the UTS Student and Related Rules. Individual courses may also have specific regulations regarding credit recognition.

UTS provides the opportunity for students to apply to have prior learning considered for credit towards a UTS course where the prior learning is related to assessable components of the course. Forms of prior learning include previous study from recognised tertiary organisations, relevant work or life experience, or courses undertaken outside a recognised tertiary education organisation.

Eligibility for credit recognition does not guarantee an applicant a place in the course for which credit recognition may be available. An applicant may apply for an assessment of their prior learning normally only at the time of applying for entry to a course. If recognition of this prior learning is granted, students receive either exemptions or substitutions from either specified or unspecified components of their UTS course.

Students granted exemptions must monitor progress in their enrolled subjects in the first weeks of the teaching period to enable withdrawal, if necessary, from subjects where credit recognition has been granted, before the last date for withdrawal. Students may apply to have an exemption rescinded and enrol in the relevant subject if they feel they cannot meet academic requirements or other components of their course without completing the subject.

If previous study was at another tertiary institution, the credit recognition search tool can be used for an indication of the amount of credit that an applicant may be eligible to receive at UTS.

When visiting a UTS Student Centre, students should bring a copy of their transcript from previous study, or alternatively upload a copy via Ask UTS.

Students should read the Credit Recognition Policy.