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27642 Tourism Marketing

Requisite(s): 24108 Marketing Foundations
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This subject seeks to develop in students an understanding of how marketing concepts and practices apply in the context of both tourism destinations and tourism services. It describes the environmental and industrial context in which the marketing of tourism services and tourist destinations takes place and examines the characteristics of tourism services and tourist destinations that impact upon the application of marketing theory. It also provides an overview of the broad characteristics of inbound, outbound and domestic tourism markets and the various approaches that can be employed to segment these markets. Considerable time is spent discussing strategic considerations in tourism marketing, (such as demand management, branding and positioning, electronic channels for promotion and distribution) and in examining key considerations in the promotion, pricing and distribution of tourism services/destinations. The analysis of case-specific data relating to the marketing of tourism services/destinations is a key aspect of this subject.

In view of the impact of the January 2011 floods and February's Cyclone Yasi on the marketing of Queensland as a destination, some time is devoted to the issue of post-crisis marketing for destinations and tourism businesses.

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