University of Technology Sydney

C06134v1 Graduate Diploma in Information Systems

Award(s): Graduate Diploma in Information Systems (GradDipIS)
CRICOS code: 0100829
Commonwealth supported place?: No
Load credit points: 48
Course EFTSL: 1
Location: City campus


This is an exit-only course. There is no direct admission to it. Current UTS students may be able to submit an Internal Course Transfer (Graduating) application to exit with this course. Check with your faculty's student centre.

Course aims
Career options
Course intended learning outcomes
Course duration and attendance
Course structure
Course completion requirements
Course program
Exit award
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The Graduate Diploma in Information Systems is an exit-only program allowing students to gain in-depth knowledge and skills in IS. The program offers practical, hand-on experience aimed at meeting emerging demands for a new generation of technology professionals ready to deal with the challenges of complex systems.

It is essential to keep IS knowledge and skills up to date. This program provides students with an enhanced understanding of the business context and technical developments shaping contemporary information and communications technology (ICT), and equips them to meet the challenges of working in the IT industry.

Course aims

This course is designed as an exit award for students who are unable to complete the Master of Information Systems. The course provides students with an understanding to harness the transformative power of information systems to drive sustainable and resilient environmental, economic and social practices.

Career options

The course allows the student to exit with the knowledge and skills to move into an information systems career through roles such as:

Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Information Management Specialist, Data/Enterprise Architect, Business Process Analyst, System Modeller or Data Visualization Expert in a range of sectors such as energy, transport, smart cities, business, and government.

Course intended learning outcomes

A.1 Historically and Culturally Informed about Indigenous Knowledge Systems: FEIT graduates are culturally and historically well informed, able to work as respectful professionals with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
B.1 Socially Responsible: Graduate Diploma in Information Systems graduates are able to engage with a broad range of IS stakeholders (beyond IT users), to establish priorities and goals, critically analyse and identify constraints, uncertainties, and the personal, organisational, policy, social and environmental impact of IS in diverse contexts.
C.1 Design Oriented: Graduate Diploma in Information Systems graduates are able to demonstrate autonomy and apply critical judgment and research skills in the co-design and evaluation of ethical, sustainable and innovative solutions to organisational, societal and global problems.
D.1 Technically Proficient: Graduate Diploma in Information Systems graduates are able to demonstrate knowledge and skills for research, cognitive and technical skills in IS design, implementation and evaluation methods, and tools and techniques, including appropriate software tools.
E.1 Collaborative and Communicative: Graduate Diploma in Information Systems graduates are able to communicate effectively to specialist and non-specialist audiences and collaborate across functional, hierarchical and professional boundaries, within and across organisations, in local contexts.
F.1 Reflective: Graduate Diploma in Information Systems graduates are able to work and thrive in the world of constant technological change by being self-reflective, curious, action-oriented, thoughtful and life-long learning professionals, dedicated to making a positive difference in organisations and the wider society.

Course duration and attendance

The course duration is one year of full-time or two years of part-time study.

Course structure

Students are required to complete 48 credit points, comprising 36 credit points of Information Systems core subjects and 12 credit points of Complex Systems core subjects.

Course completion requirements

42080 Fundamentals of Information Systems 6cp
32541 Project Management 6cp
32557 Enabling Enterprise Information Systems 6cp
42038 Fundamentals of Database and Software Development 6cp
32558 Business Intelligence 6cp
42083 Studio 1 Project 6cp
STM91377 Complex Systems core 12cp
Total 48cp

Course program

Course program for students undertaking the course full time is shown below.

Exit award only, Autumn commencing, full time
Year 1
Autumn session
42080 Fundamentals of Information Systems   6cp
32541 Project Management   6cp
32557 Enabling Enterprise Information Systems   6cp
42082 Introduction to Complex Systems   6cp
Spring session
42038 Fundamentals of Database and Software Development   6cp
32558 Business Intelligence   6cp
42083 Studio 1 Project   6cp
42081 Complex Data Analysis and Design   6cp

Exit award

This exit-only course enables students enrolled in the master's course to finish after completing 48 credit points of study and gain a graduate diploma qualification.

Other information

Further information is available from:

UTS Student Centre
telephone 1300 ask UTS (1300 275 887) or +61 2 9514 1222