University of Technology Sydney

Course programs

In order to assist students in determining the order of enrolment in subjects, typical course programs are supplied. These are offered as suggested patterns of enrolment that enable students to satisfy the course completion requirements, taking into account factors such as subject requisites, teaching period offered, and full-time or part-time study load. Individual programs may vary from the typical course program if subject requisites are satisfied.

Following the course program allows students to complete the degree in the minimum time. Students should be aware that if the typical program is not followed, the course duration may be extended and not all subjects may be available when preferred.

In the case of combined degrees and courses with significant flexibility in major and sub-major choices, it is not feasible to publish programs for all possible pathways. Programs are presented for typical pathways, along with information that would allow the equivalent program for a different pathway to be deduced.

Not all courses have a typical program. Students in such courses need to refer to the course structure and select subjects for which they have met the requisites, constructing a program for themselves that avoids timetable clashes. The best way to do this is to identify any long requisite chains in the course and undertake subjects at the beginning of the longest chain first.