University of Technology Sydney

Fees and costs

Course and subject fees

Undergraduate fees (domestic)

All students at UTS pay tuition fees to contribute towards the costs of their studies. The exact amount of tuition fees paid depends on the type of student, the subjects enrolled in and the course being studied.

All students at UTS pay tuition fees to contribute towards the cost of their studies. The exact amount depends on:

  • what type of student you are
  • the subjects you enrol in and their credit-point value, and
  • the course you are studying.

Information on any proposed changes to fees, including changes affecting the repayment of HELP loans, is available from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

Postgraduate fees (domestic)

For most postgraduate courses by coursework, students are charged tuition fees. A small number of courses are offered as Commonwealth-supported places.

Approved fees for UTS postgraduate award courses are listed in the annual fees schedule. Postgraduate students enrolled in a full-fee-paying place may be eligible to access FEE-HELP.

Research degrees are offered on a sponsored, scholarship or full-fee-paying basis. Research students who qualify for a Research Training Scheme place are exempt from postgraduate course fees. Further information is available from the UTS Graduate Research School.

Consequences of non-payment of fees

Students who have not paid all due fees and charges by the published final date for payment are liable for a late payment fee. These students may also be unable to receive examination results, change their enrolment program, access their UTS computer account or graduate. Students may also have their enrolment in a course cancelled. Students who wish to recommence their studies must then apply through the formal admissions process. Readmission is not guaranteed.

Annual fee increases

Fees increase annually and students should anticipate a fee increase each year. Domestic student fees are set annually by the Federal Government's Department of Education and Training for Commonwealth-supported places and by the University for full-fee places. Any projections regarding the tuition fee cost of obtaining a degree need to incorporate annual fee increases. As the University's costs increase each year, fees are adjusted annually to ensure a high standard of teaching and to enhance the student experience while keeping the cost to the student as affordable as possible.

Student services and amenities fee

All students are required to pay a student services and amenities fee (SSAF) each session. The SSAF contributes to the provision of amenities and non-academic services for students. The SSAF is subject to an annual government-set indexation increase and is therefore likely to increase yearly. Eligible students may apply to defer this fee through SA-HELP.

Other costs

Students may incur other costs while studying at UTS. These may include books, printed sets of reading materials, photocopying, equipment hire, the purchase of computer software and hardware, and internet services.

Some subjects may incur an additional cost where travel away from the University is involved.

International student fees and costs

Course fees for international students are available from UTS International.

Fees are subject to increase each academic year, usually between four and six per cent.

International students should be aware that, in addition to their course fees, they also need sufficient funds for living expenses. It is a requirement of the Department of Home Affairs that prospective overseas students demonstrate that they can fund their living costs in Australia. Additionally, all international students are required to pay a student services and amenities fee for each session that they are enrolled in.

There may also be other costs associated with a period of study, including textbooks and other course materials. International students who have school-age dependants also need to take into consideration expenses for their dependants during the time they are living in Sydney, including school fees.