University of Technology Sydney

Postgraduate courses

Research degrees

Doctor of Philosophy
C03048Master of Nursing (Research)
C03049Master of Midwifery (Research)
C03050Master of Health Services (Research)
C03055Master of Sport and Exercise (Research)
C03068Master of Indigenous Health (Research)

Coursework degrees

C04362Master of High Performance Sport
C04365Master of Palliative Care
C04449Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology
C07070Graduate Diploma in Midwifery
C07130Graduate Diploma in High Performance Sport
C07131Graduate Diploma in Palliative Care
C11115Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education and Management
C11267Graduate Certificate in High Performance Sport
C11268Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care

Online Coursework degrees

C04408Master of Advanced Nursing
C04409Master of Health Services Management
C04425Master of Public Health
C04447Master of Women's and Children's Health
C06141Graduate Diploma in Public Health
C07143Graduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing
C07144Graduate Diploma in Health Services Management
C07150Graduate Diploma in Women's and Children's Health
C11303Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing
C11304Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management
C11328Graduate Certificate in Public Health
C11329Graduate Certificate in Health Analytics
C11330Graduate Certificate in Public Health and Communicable Disease
C11331Graduate Certificate in Critical Care
C11333Graduate Certificate in Mental Health
C11351Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education
C11357Graduate Certificate in Acute Care Nursing
C11358Graduate Certificate in Child and Family Health
C11362Graduate Certificate in Women's and Children's Health