University of Technology Sydney

Handbook 2024

The UTS Handbook is the authoritative source of information on approved courses and subjects offered at UTS. It includes important information for all UTS students, information for students studying within each faculty, and comprehensive details about course content and structure, subject and elective choices, attendance patterns, and credit-point requirements.

All students are advised to read and become familiar with the general information section for all UTS students, in addition to their course and course area-specific information. Students should also read and be familiar with the rules and policies of the University.

UTS offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, developed in the following course areas:

In addition to the above course areas, courses and subjects at UTS are also offered by the following:

Connected Intelligence Centre
Institute for Public Policy and Governance
Institute for Sustainable Futures

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From the 2013 edition, there is no longer a print UTS Handbook.


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