University of Technology, Sydney

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Alphabetical list of majors

Numerical list of majors

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Aboriginal Studies and Language, Literacy and Numeracy MAJ09368
Aboriginal Studies and Language, Literacy and Numeracy MAJ09396
Accounting MAJ08437
Adult Education MAJ07067
Advanced Materials and Data Science MAJ01165
Advertising and Marketing Communications MAJ08981
Animation Design MAJ10018
Applied Linguistics MAJ07055
Applied Physics MAJ01088
Applied Physics MAJ01101
Applied Physics MAJ01080
Argentina MAJ09431
Argentina MAJ09422


Biology MAJ01153
Biology MAJ01149
Biomedical Engineering MAJ03465
Biomedical Engineering MAJ03470
Biomedical Engineering MAJ03473
Biomedical Engineering MAJ03476
Biomedical Engineering MAJ03490
Biomedical Engineering MAJ03472
Biomedical Engineering MAJ03512
Biomedical Engineering MAJ03466
Biomedical Engineering (Honours) MAJ01135
Biomedical Science MAJ01081
Biomedical Science MAJ01090
Biomedical Science MAJ01168
Biomedical Science MAJ01104
Biosensor Technology MAJ01162
Biotechnology MAJ01119
Biotechnology MAJ01115
Biotechnology MAJ01103
Branding Design MAJ10016
Business Information Systems MAJ02087
Business Information Systems MAJ02082
Business Information Systems Management MAJ02080
Business Law MAJ09362
Business Law MAJ09401
Business Modelling MAJ01139
Business Studies MAJ08965


Canada MAJ09432
Canada (Quebec) MAJ09418
Chemical Science MAJ01129
Chemistry MAJ01148
Chemistry MAJ01152
Chemistry MAJ01100
Chemistry MAJ01079
Chemistry MAJ01087
Chile MAJ09420
Chile MAJ09433
China MAJ09412
China MAJ09434
Chronic and Complex Care, Aging and Palliation MAJ06217
Civil and Environmental Engineering MAJ03002
Civil and Geotechnical Engineering MAJ03459
Civil Engineering MAJ03455
Civil Engineering MAJ03453
Civil Engineering MAJ03491
Civil Engineering MAJ03013
Civil Engineering MAJ03134
Civil Engineering MAJ03477
Civil Engineering MAJ03513
Civil Engineering MAJ03454
Civil Engineering MAJ03025
Civil Engineering MAJ03001
Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering MAJ03456
Clinical MAJ06213
Clinical Leadership MAJ08971
Clinical Management MAJ08970
Colombia MAJ09423
Colombia MAJ09409
Commerce, Business Studies and Economics MAJ07070
Commerce, Business Studies and Economics/Computing Studies MAJ07074
Commercial Law MAJ09383
Commercial Law MAJ09313
Commercial Law MAJ09388
Communication MAJ10019
Computational Biotechnology MAJ01161
Computational Mathematics MAJ01138
Computer Control Engineering MAJ03495
Computer Control Engineering MAJ03481
Computer Control Engineering MAJ03420
Computer Control Engineering MAJ03430
Computer Control Engineering MAJ03438
Computing Studies MAJ07073
Consumer Analytics MAJ01144
Corporate and Commercial Law MAJ09403
Corporate and Commercial Law MAJ09390
Costa Rica MAJ09429
Costa Rica MAJ09430
Creative Writing MAJ10037
Creative Writing MAJ10051
Crime Scene Investigation MAJ01150
Crime Scene Investigation MAJ01154
Cultural Studies MAJ09427
Cyber Security MAJ02094
Cyber Security MAJ02093
Cyber Security Engineering MAJ03530
Cyber Security Engineering MAJ03529
Cyber Security Engineering MAJ03528
Cybersecurity and Privacy MAJ02900


Data Analytics MAJ02081
Data Analytics MAJ02084
Data Analytics MAJ02089
Data Analytics MAJ01137
Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence MAJ10053
Data Engineering MAJ03517
Data Engineering MAJ03518
Data Engineering MAJ03515
Data Engineering MAJ03516
Design for Change MAJ10036
Design for Change Studio MAJ10039
Design Specialisation MAJ08967
Digital and Social Media MAJ10050
Digital and Social Media MAJ10038
Digital Creative Enterprise MAJ08980
Digital Forensics MAJ01155
Digital Forensics MAJ01151
Digital Health and Analytics MAJ06224
Digitally Mediated Environments MAJ10017
Dispute Resolution MAJ09425
Dispute Resolution MAJ09426
Dispute Resolution Law MAJ09386


e-Learning MAJ07056
Economics MAJ09209
Education MAJ07051
Electrical Engineering MAJ03017
Electrical Engineering MAJ03413
Electrical Engineering MAJ03005
Electrical Engineering MAJ03028
Electronic Engineering MAJ03525
Electronic Engineering MAJ03524
Electronic Engineering MAJ03527
Electronic Engineering MAJ03526
Energy Planning and Policy MAJ03380
Energy Planning and Policy MAJ03494
Energy Planning and Policy MAJ03480
Energy Planning and Policy MAJ03421
Energy Planning and Policy MAJ03439
English MAJ07111
English MAJ07063
English/History MAJ07085
English/History MAJ07068
Enterprise Systems Development MAJ03444
Enterprise Systems Development MAJ03519
Environmental Biology MAJ01082
Environmental Biotechnology MAJ01160
Environmental Biotechnology MAJ01166
Environmental Engineering MAJ03482
Environmental Engineering MAJ03496
Environmental Engineering MAJ03416
Environmental Science MAJ01089
Environmental Sciences MAJ01126
Events MAJ08975
Exercise Science MAJ06216
Exercise Therapy MAJ06234
Experimental Visual Communications Studio MAJ10041
Extended Economics MAJ09402
Extended Finance MAJ08060
Extended Management MAJ08046
Extended Marketing MAJ08063


Family Law MAJ09385
Family Law MAJ09367
Fashion and Textile Studio MAJ10040
Finance MAJ08440
Finance MAJ08957
Finance MAJ08940
Finance MAJ08979
Financial Analysis MAJ08934
Financial Mathematics MAJ01147
Forensic Science (Honours) MAJ01132
France MAJ09435
France MAJ09414


Geography/Commerce, Business Studies and Economics MAJ07069
Geotechnical Engineering MAJ03458
Geotechnical Engineering MAJ03460
Geotechnical Engineering MAJ03461
Geotechnical Engineering MAJ03492
Geotechnical Engineering MAJ03478
Germany MAJ09416
Germany MAJ09436
Global Business Law MAJ10030
Global Business Law MAJ09411
Global Health MAJ06221
Global Health MAJ06222


Health and Physical Education MAJ09428
Health Information Coding MAJ06230
Health Information Management MAJ06233
Health Law, Ethics and Governance MAJ10054
Health Research MAJ06218
Health Research MAJ06228
Health Research MAJ06215
Health Studies MAJ06229
History/Geography MAJ07071
Human Resource Development MAJ08962
Human Resource Development MAJ08914
Human Resource Management MAJ08020
Human Resource Management MAJ08446
Human Resources and Management MAJ08972
Human Society and its Environment MAJ07112
Human Structure and Function MAJ06231


Immersive Media Studio MAJ10043
Indigenous Studies MAJ07072
Industrial and Intellectual Property Law MAJ09384
Industrial and Intellectual Property Law MAJ09363
Infection and Immunity MAJ01164
Information and Media MAJ10023
Information Design MAJ10014
Information Technology MAJ02041
Information Technology MAJ02044
Information Technology Law MAJ09387
Information Technology Law MAJ09323
Integrated Communication MAJ08057
Integrated Logistic Support and Engineering Management MAJ03452
Integrated Logistic Support and Engineering Management MAJ03451
Intellectual Property MAJ09406
Intellectual Property MAJ09400
Interaction MAJ10026
Interaction Design MAJ02092
Interactivation Studio MAJ10042
Interactive Media MAJ02090
Interactive Media MAJ02085
International Business MAJ08941
International Business MAJ08964
International Business MAJ08442
International Law MAJ09382
International Law MAJ09322
International Law MAJ09405
International Trade Law MAJ09389
International Trade Law MAJ09364
International Trade Law MAJ09381
Internetworking MAJ02088
Internetworking MAJ02083
Italy MAJ09437
Italy MAJ09417


Japan MAJ09438
Japan MAJ09413
Journalism MAJ10020
Journalism MAJ10046


K-12 MAJ07099
K-12 MAJ07103


Language, Literacy and Numeracy MAJ09397
Languages MAJ07081
Languages other than English MAJ07062
Latin(o) USA MAJ09424
Latino USA MAJ09380
Legal Futures and Technology MAJ09444
Legal Futures and Technology MAJ09443
Legal Studies MAJ09399
Lighting Studio MAJ03475
Local Government MAJ09442


Management MAJ08438
Management MAJ08476
Management MAJ08915
Management MAJ08955
Management MAJ08517
Management Studies MAJ08966
Manufacturing Engineering and Management MAJ03498
Manufacturing Engineering and Management MAJ03484
Manufacturing Engineering and Management MAJ03424
Manufacturing Engineering and Management MAJ03415
Manufacturing Engineering and Management MAJ03442
Marine Biology MAJ01112
Marine Science and Management MAJ01130
Marine Sciences and Management (Honours) MAJ01134
Marketing MAJ08480
Marketing MAJ08441
Mathematical Analysis MAJ01156
Mathematical and Statistical Modelling MAJ01124
Mathematical and Statistical Modelling (Honours) MAJ01133
Mathematics MAJ07058
Mathematics MAJ01110
Mathematics MAJ01116
Mathematics MAJ07113
Mathematics MAJ01095
Mathematics/Business Studies/Economics MAJ07086
Mathematics/Computing Studies MAJ07066
Mathematics/Science MAJ07114
Mathematics/Science MAJ07064
Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering MAJ03012
Mechanical Engineering MAJ03007
Mechanical Engineering MAJ03019
Mechanical Engineering MAJ03030
Mechanical Engineering MAJ03139
Mechanical Engineering MAJ03514
Mechatronic Engineering MAJ03506
Mechatronic Engineering MAJ03505
Mechatronic Engineering MAJ03507
Mechatronic Engineering MAJ03504
Media Arts and Production MAJ10047
Media Arts and Production MAJ10021
Medical and Molecular Biosciences MAJ01127
Medical Biotechnology MAJ01159
Medical Biotechnology (Honours) MAJ01131
Medical Science MAJ01114
Medical Science MAJ01120
Medical Science MAJ01105
Mexico MAJ09439
Mexico MAJ09421
Music and Sound Design MAJ10025


Nanotechnology MAJ01085
Nanotechnology MAJ01102
Nanotechnology MAJ01091
Narrative Media Studio MAJ10044
Networking and Cybersecurity MAJ03445
Nurse Practitioner MAJ06214


Objects and Accessories Studio MAJ03474
Operations MAJ03464
Operations MAJ03499
Operations MAJ03463
Operations MAJ03462
Operations MAJ03485
Operations Analysis MAJ01145
Operations and Supply Chain MAJ08982
Operations and Supply Chain Management MAJ08973
Operations Research MAJ01157
Organisational and Workplace Learning MAJ07076


PDHPE/Mathematics MAJ07087
PDHPE/Science MAJ07088
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education MAJ07116
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education MAJ07060
Pharmaceutical Sciences MAJ01167
Pharmacology MAJ06223
Photomedia MAJ10015
Physics and Advanced Materials MAJ01128
Planning MAJ08968
Planning MAJ06232
Popular Education and Social Change MAJ07077
Pre-medicine MAJ01163
Primary MAJ07095
Primary MAJ07118
Primary MAJ07097
Primary MAJ07090
Primary MAJ07107
Primary (Honours) Major MAJ07093
Primary A MAJ07105
Primary A MAJ07109
Primary Education MAJ07100
Primary Health Care MAJ06219
Professional Accounting MAJ08483
Project Management MAJ08978
Project Management MAJ08974
Public Communication MAJ10024
Public Communication MAJ10048
Public Relations MAJ08058


Risk Management MAJ01146
Robotics MAJ03531
Robotics major MAJ03533
Robotics major MAJ03532


Safety and Quality in Health Care MAJ08969
Science MAJ07117
Science MAJ07061
Science/Computing Studies MAJ07065
Science/Mathematics MAJ07115
Secondary MAJ07091
Secondary MAJ07096
Secondary MAJ07119
Secondary MAJ07108
Secondary (Honours) major MAJ07094
Secondary A MAJ07106
Secondary A MAJ07110
Secondary Education MAJ07104
Secondary Education (PG) MAJ07102
Secondary Education (UG) MAJ07101
Service Innovation and Change MAJ10028
Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Child Health Major MAJ06220
Social and Political Sciences MAJ10049
Social Inquiry MAJ09395
Software Development MAJ02091
Software Development MAJ02086
Software Engineering MAJ03379
Software Engineering MAJ03522
Software Engineering MAJ03432
Software Engineering MAJ03425
Software Engineering MAJ03521
Software Engineering MAJ03523
Software Engineering MAJ03520
Software Systems Engineering MAJ03486
Software Systems Engineering MAJ03500
Sound and Music Design MAJ10045
Spain MAJ09440
Spain MAJ09415
Sport Business MAJ08976
Sport Management MAJ08445
Statistics MAJ01111
Statistics MAJ01158
Structural Engineering MAJ03479
Structural Engineering MAJ03493
Structural Engineering MAJ03433
Structural Engineering MAJ03378
Structural Engineering MAJ03426
Switzerland MAJ09419
Switzerland MAJ09441
Systems Engineering MAJ03469
Systems Engineering MAJ03468
Systems Engineering MAJ03467


Technology Management MAJ08938
Telecommunication Networks MAJ03427
Telecommunication Networks MAJ03434
Telecommunications Engineering MAJ03435
Telecommunications Engineering MAJ03488
Telecommunications Engineering MAJ03502
Telecommunications Engineering MAJ03428
Telecommunications Engineering and Telecommunication Networks MAJ03437
Telecommunications Engineering and Telecommunication Networks MAJ03431
Tourism MAJ08977
Tourism Management MAJ08443


Value Chain Management MAJ03457
Visual Arts MAJ07059
Visual Arts MAJ07083
Vocational Education MAJ09398


Water Engineering MAJ03436
Water Engineering MAJ03489
Water Engineering MAJ03429
Water Engineering MAJ03503
Water Engineering MAJ03372
Writing and Cultural Studies MAJ10022