University of Technology Sydney

Alphabetical list of sub-majors

Numerical list of sub-majors

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Aboriginal Studies SMJ09052
Accounting in Practice SMJ08195
Accounting Information Systems SMJ08098
Acute Care Nursing SMJ06032
Adaptive Leadership SMJ10099
Advanced Advertising SMJ08131
Advanced Manufacturing Systems SMJ03056
Advanced Mechanical Analysis SMJ03053
Advertising SMJ08137
Advertising Principles SMJ08198
Anaesthetics and Post Anaesthetic Care Unit SMJ06020
Applied and Industrial Optimisation sub-major BCS Hons SMJ10165
Applied Policy sub-major SMJ01047
Architectural Experience SMJ04016
Architectural Studies SMJ10020
Architecture Design SMJ10148
Artificial Intelligence sub-major SMJ10153
Audio Design (Games Development) SMJ10178
Automation SMJ03055
Automotive Systems SMJ03057
AWS Industry sub-major SMJ10188


Behavioural Economics SMJ10144
Biochemistry and Molecular Diagnostics SMJ01051
Biomedical Engineering SMJ10104
Biomedical Engineering SMJ03047
Biomedical Engineering SMJ10053
Biotechnology sub-major SMJ10179
Building Services SMJ03048
Building Surveying SMJ04014
Business SMJ08216
Business Administration SMJ10118
Business Analytics SMJ10159
Business Analytics in Marketing SMJ10086
Business Information Systems SMJ10069
Business Information Systems SMJ10109
Business Information Systems SMJ02036
Business Information Systems Management SMJ02064
Business Innovation and Financial Management SMJ08120
Business Law SMJ09037
Business Law SMJ09030
Business Law SMJ09059


Cellular Pathology SMJ01050
Chemical Process Engineering sub-major SMJ10158
Chemistry SMJ01005
Chemistry sub-major SMJ10180
Child and Family Health SMJ10136
Child and Family Health Nursing SMJ06033
Chronic and Complex Care SMJ10133
Civil Engineering SMJ10054
Civil Engineering (Flexible engineering) SMJ10177
Communication SMJ10040
Communication SMJ10075
Composition SMJ10037
Computer Control Engineering SMJ10058
Computer Graphics and Animation SMJ02066
Computer Science SMJ10131
Computer Systems SMJ03041
Computer Systems SMJ03043
Computer Systems SMJ03042
Computer Systems Engineering SMJ03034
Computer Vision sub-major SMJ10169
Construction SMJ08217
Construction Sub-major SMJ10162
Creative Intelligence SMJ10122
Creative Intelligence and Innovation SMJ10097
Creative Writing SMJ01052
Creative Writing SMJ10125
Critical Care Nursing SMJ06023
Cyber Security SMJ10093
Cyber Security SMJ10112
Cyber Security Engineering SMJ10094
Cybersecurity SMJ03062
Cybersecurity sub-major SMJ10154


Data Analytics SMJ10071
Data Analytics SMJ10108
Data Analytics SMJ03066
Data Analytics SMJ02065
Data Science SMJ10187
Design for Theatre SMJ10017
Diabetes Education and Management SMJ06034
Diabetes Education and Management SMJ10138
Digital Creative Enterprise SMJ08223
Digital Health Sub-major SMJ10128


Econometrics SMJ09058
Economics SMJ09028
Education SMJ07002
Electrical Energy Systems (ME Ext) SMJ10124
Electrical Engineering SMJ10172
Electronics and Computer Interfacing SMJ01010
Engineering SMJ03061
Engineering Management SMJ08075
Engineering Policy SMJ03429
Engineering sub-major (UG Science) SMJ10186
Enterprise Systems Development SMJ03036
Enterprise Technology sub-major SMJ10155
Entrepreneurship and Innovation SMJ10096
Environmental Engineering SMJ10059
Environmental Engineering sub-major SMJ03433
Environmental Science sub-major SMJ10181
Event Management SMJ08203
Event Management SMJ08213
Events SMJ08220
Evidence and Evaluation SMJ10145
Exhibition Design SMJ10019


Film and Video SMJ10013
Finance SMJ08202
Finance SMJ08123
Finance SMJ08147
Financial Reporting SMJ08116
Financial Services SMJ08215
Fostering Learning Practices SMJ10115
Furniture Design SMJ10016


General Practice SMJ04015
Geotechnical Engineering SMJ10055
Geotechnical Engineering SMJ10174
Google Industry sub-major SMJ10189


Health (DAB) SMJ08218
Human Resource Management SMJ08128
Human Resources Management SMJ08066


Image Studies SMJ10035
Industry 4.0 SMJ10113
Information Security SMJ10157
Information Technology SMJ02069
Information Technology SMJ02038
Information Technology SMJ02037
Information Technology SMJ02059
Innovation and Entrepreneurship SMJ10156
Innovation Technologies SMJ10036
Intelligent Systems SMJ03058
Interaction Design SMJ10107
Interaction Design SMJ10038
Interaction Design SMJ02067
Interaction Design SMJ10074
Interaction Design (Games Development) SMJ10164
Interactive Media SMJ10072
International Business SMJ08148
International Business Studies SMJ08139
International Exchange SMJ10028
International Management SMJ08129
International Studies SMJ09034
Internet of Things (Software) SMJ10090
Internet of Things (Systems and Devices) SMJ10089
Internetworking SMJ10070
Internetworking SMJ10110
Introductory Economics SMJ09040
iOS Industry sub-major SMJ10190


Journalism SMJ10043


Language other than English SMJ09035
Leadership and Management SMJ08194
Leadership and Management SMJ10127
Leadership Sub-major SMJ10129
Leadership sub-major SMJ10149
Leading Learning and Innovation SMJ10116
Learning Design sub-major SMJ10151
Local Government SMJ10141
Local Government Management SMJ10076
Logistics SMJ10102


Management SMJ08208
Management SMJ08130
Management Consulting SMJ08109
Management, Enterprise and Technology sub-major SMJ10152
Managing Enterprises SMJ10106
Manufacturing Automation SMJ03060
Manufacturing Engineering and Management SMJ10061
Marketing SMJ08138
Marketing SMJ08084
Marketing SMJ08207
Marketing Principles SMJ08197
Marketing Research SMJ08111
Marketing Research SMJ08201
Mathematical Analysis Extension sub-major BSC Hons SMJ10167
Mathematics SMJ01007
Mathematics (Extension) sub-major SMJ10183
Mathematics sub-major SMJ10182
Mechanical Engineering SMJ03049
Mechatronics SMJ03050
Media Arts and Production SMJ10042
Media Practice and Industry SMJ10121
Media Studies SMJ10032
Medical Science sub-major SMJ10184
Mental Health Nursing SMJ06024
Mental Health Nursing SMJ10134
Microbiology and Host Responses SMJ01049


Nanotechnology SMJ10030
Natural Language Processing sub-major SMJ10170
Neonatal Nursing SMJ06025
Network Engineering SMJ03051
Network Security SMJ10048
Network Security SMJ10050
Network Security SMJ10049
Network Systems Software SMJ10088
Networking and Cybersecurity SMJ03037
Networking sub-major SMJ10168
Networks SMJ03065
Neuroscience Nursing SMJ06026
Not-for-Profit and Social Enterprise Management SMJ08209


Object and Accessory Design SMJ10026
Operations SMJ10062
Operations and Supply Chain SMJ08037


Paediatric Nursing SMJ06022
Paediatric Nursing SMJ10132
Palliative Care SMJ10135
Performative Spaces SMJ04023
Perioperative Nursing SMJ06027
Photography SMJ10011
Physics SMJ01012
Physics SMJ10031
Physics sub-major SMJ10185
Planning SMJ04024
Planning Sub-major SMJ10130
Professional SMJ10068
Professional Accounting Extension SMJ10161
Professional Writing SMJ10126
Professional Writing SMJ01053
Project Leadership SMJ10103
Project Management SMJ08086
Project Management SMJ10085
Project Management Principles SMJ10142
Property Development SMJ10095
Property Technology SMJ10139
Public Leadership SMJ10147
Public Policy and Program Design SMJ10146


Quality Management SMJ10100
Quantitative Management SMJ01025
Quantitative Management SMJ01026
Quantum Computing and Communications SMJ10191


Reading Australia SMJ09049
Real-time Systems (Data Engineering) SMJ03063
Real-time Systems (Software Engineering) SMJ03067
Renewable Energy Engineering SMJ10171
Research Methods SMJ08206
Robotics sub-major SMJ03430


Safety and Quality SMJ10137
Scientific Computing SMJ02054
Scientific Design SMJ10123
Screenwriting SMJ10044
Software SMJ03040
Software SMJ03039
Software SMJ03038
Software Development SMJ10073
Software Development SMJ10111
Software Engineering SMJ03052
Software Engineering (Data Engineering) SMJ03432
Software Systems Engineering SMJ10063
Specialist Country Studies SMJ09036
Sport Management SMJ08126
Sport Management SMJ08155
Sports SMJ08221
Statistical Analysis sub-major BCS Hons SMJ10166
Statistical Modelling SMJ01032
Statistics SMJ01009
Statistics (Physical Sciences) SMJ01031
Strategic Communication SMJ08153
Strategic Communication SMJ10143
Strategic Information Technology SMJ02015
Strategic Management SMJ08038
Strategic Marketing SMJ08204
Strategic Marketing SMJ08205
Strategic Marketing SMJ08184
Structural Engineering SMJ10056
Structures Sub-major SMJ10163
Supply Chain Management SMJ10101
Sustainable Energy Systems Analysis SMJ03054
Sustainable Enterprise SMJ08219
Sustainable Enterprise and Responsible Management SMJ10087
Systems Management SMJ10105


Taxation Law SMJ09033
Technology SMJ03029
Telecommunications SMJ03046
Telecommunications SMJ03045
Telecommunications SMJ03044
Telecommunications and Electronics SMJ10065
Textile Design SMJ10012
Transnational Studies (Global Studies) SMJ10052
Transport Engineering SMJ10175


Valuation SMJ10140
Valuation sub-major SMJ10160
VFX Design SMJ10047


Water Engineering SMJ10066
Water Resources Engineering SMJ10176