University of Technology Sydney

Numerical list of choice blocks

Alphabetical list of choice blocks

CBK90005 Country major choice
CBK90011 Electives
CBK90053 No specified major (Engineering)
CBK90166 Electives (International Business Studies)
CBK90167 Taxation Law sub-major choice
CBK90169 Major choice (Business)
CBK90170 Major/Two sub-majors/Sub-major + four electives/Eight electives
CBK90171 Electives
CBK90173 Major choice (Engineering)
CBK90176 Major choice (Engineering)
CBK90178 Major choice (Engineering Science)
CBK90186 Major/Two sub-majors/Sub-major + four electives
CBK90187 Electives
CBK90216 Electives
CBK90228 Electives
CBK90230 Elective (Engineering)
CBK90232 Electives (Science UG)
CBK90246 Electives
CBK90260 Writing subjects
CBK90284 Sub-major/Electives
CBK90304 Electives
CBK90377 Options (Property Development PG)
CBK90383 Options
CBK90387 Electives (Law/Business)
CBK90399 Law options
CBK90400 Options (Law)
CBK90417 Switzerland Language and Culture
CBK90418 Bilingual Language and Culture (Switzerland)
CBK90480 Chinese Language and Culture
CBK90481 Japanese Language and Culture
CBK90483 French Language and Culture
CBK90484 Spanish Language and Culture
CBK90485 German Language and Culture
CBK90486 Italian Language and Culture
CBK90487 Chinese Language and Culture
CBK90488 Japanese Language and Culture
CBK90490 French Language and Culture
CBK90491 Spanish Language and Culture
CBK90492 German Language and Culture
CBK90493 Italian Language and Culture
CBK90494 Chinese Language and Culture
CBK90495 Japanese Language and Culture
CBK90497 French Language and Culture
CBK90498 Spanish Language and Culture
CBK90499 German Language and Culture
CBK90500 Italian Language and Culture
CBK90507 Options (Law)
CBK90508 Sub-major/Four electives
CBK90509 Electives (Nursing PG)
CBK90528 Electives
CBK90571 Electives
CBK90572 Major choice (Chemistry)
CBK90573 Major choice (Medical Biotechnology)
CBK90574 Major choice (Mathematics)
CBK90575 Sub-major/Electives
CBK90579 Elective 1
CBK90580 Elective 2
CBK90581 Elective 3
CBK90585 Major choice (Science)
CBK90586 Major choice (Science)
CBK90592 Options
CBK90597 Options (Planning) Level 3
CBK90604 Project Management choice
CBK90606 Level 2 subject choice (Physical Sciences)
CBK90607 Level 3 subject choice (Physical Sciences)
CBK90622 Sub-major/Options (Property Development PG)
CBK90641 Electives (Pharmacy)
CBK90642 Elective
CBK90644 Major choice
CBK90645 Extended major choice
CBK90646 Sub-major/Four electives
CBK90647 Electives
CBK90648 Professional stream choice
CBK90650 Electives
CBK90653 Stream choice
CBK90655 Major choice (Physics)
CBK90656 Environmental Science choice A
CBK90657 Environmental Science choice B
CBK90679 Stream choice
CBK90711 Choice
CBK90712 Choice
CBK90713 Choice
CBK90714 No specified stream
CBK90715 Engineering choice
CBK90716 Electives (Engineering)
CBK90717 Project + elective options
CBK90718 Major choice
CBK90743 Electives (Engineering)
CBK90781 Major choice (Information Technology)
CBK90782 Major/Two sub-majors/Electives
CBK90783 Electives/Sub-major
CBK90784 Electives
CBK90793 Stream choice
CBK90795 Sub-major/Electives (PG Architecture)
CBK90797 Foundation subject choice B
CBK90798 Sub-major/Electives
CBK90801 Sub-major/Electives choice
CBK90802 Options
CBK90809 Elective (Medical Science)
CBK90812 Major choice (Business)
CBK90813 Year 3 (Business)
CBK90816 Options
CBK90823 Electives (Interior Architecture)
CBK90857 Electives
CBK90861 PM specialist sub-major
CBK90869 Electives (Secondary Education)
CBK90870 HSIE options (SecEd)
CBK90877 Options
CBK90878 Electives (Clinical Leadership)
CBK90879 Electives
CBK90884 Electives (Finance Extension)
CBK90890 Electives (Design)
CBK90901 Electives (Planning)
CBK90902 Electives (No specified major)
CBK90905 Major choice (Engineering)
CBK90907 Electives (Science)
CBK90908 Science major choice (Honours)
CBK90909 Choice (Honours)
CBK90911 Year 3 choice (Sport and Exercise Science)
CBK90912 Electives
CBK90915 Electives (Sport and Exercise Management)
CBK90920 Options (JD)
CBK90921 Options (Legal Theory PG)
CBK90922 Options (Law UG)
CBK90923 Options (Legal Theory UG)
CBK90924 Options
CBK90928 Options (Legal Studies)
CBK90929 Options (Legal Studies)
CBK90930 Options (Legal Studies)
CBK90931 Options (Legal Studies)
CBK90938 Electives
CBK90942 Options
CBK90949 Options
CBK90952 Electives
CBK90953 Electives
CBK90954 Major choice (Engineering)
CBK90955 Choice (Professional Engineering)
CBK90956 Choice (Professional Engineering)
CBK90957 Major choice
CBK90958 Choice (Engineering Management)
CBK90959 Choice (Engineering Management)
CBK90960 Choice (Professional Engineering)
CBK90961 Choice (Professional Engineering)
CBK90965 Choice (MEM)
CBK90966 Choice (Professional Engineering)
CBK90967 Major choice (Engineering PG)
CBK90968 No specified major choice
CBK90969 Biomedical Engineering choice
CBK90970 Civil Engineering choice
CBK90971 Geotechnical Engineering choice
CBK90972 Structural Engineering choice
CBK90973 Computer Control Engineering choice
CBK90974 Environmental Engineering choice
CBK90976 Manufacturing Engineering and Management choice
CBK90978 Software Systems Engineering choice
CBK90980 Telecommunications and Electronics choice
CBK90981 Water Engineering choice
CBK90982 Choice (Professional Engineering)
CBK90983 No specified sub-major choice
CBK90984 Water Engineering choice
CBK90985 Telecommunications and Electronics choice
CBK90987 Software Systems Engineering choice
CBK90989 Manufacturing Engineering and Management choice
CBK90991 Environmental Engineering choice
CBK90992 Computer Control Engineering choice
CBK90993 Structural Engineering choice
CBK90994 Geotechnical Engineering choice
CBK90995 Civil Engineering choice
CBK90996 Biomedical Engineering choice
CBK90997 Advanced choice
CBK90998 Engineering choice
CBK90999 No specified stream
CBK91013 Major choice (Management)
CBK91014 Electives
CBK91015 Major choice (Engineering PG)
CBK91023 Options (Real Estate Investment PG)
CBK91024 Stream choice (PG IT)
CBK91025 Electives (Information Technology)
CBK91026 Core subjects (BIS)
CBK91027 Options (BIS)
CBK91028 Core subject (Internetworking)
CBK91029 Options (Internetworking)
CBK91030 Core subjects (Data Analytics)
CBK91031 Options (Data Analytics)
CBK91032 Core subjects (Multimedia)
CBK91033 Options (Multimedia)
CBK91034 Core subjects (Enterprise Software Development)
CBK91035 Options (Enterprise Software Development)
CBK91036 Stream choice (IT PG)
CBK91037 Choice (No specified major)
CBK91038 Options (BIS)
CBK91039 Options (Internetworking)
CBK91040 Options (Data Analytics)
CBK91041 Options (Multimedia)
CBK91042 Options (Enterprise Software Development)
CBK91043 Choice (No specified major)
CBK91044 Elective (Information Technology)
CBK91045 Electives (Information Technology)
CBK91046 Major choice (IT)
CBK91047 IT Project + Elective choice
CBK91048 Options (BIS)
CBK91049 Options (Internetworking)
CBK91050 Options (Data Analytics)
CBK91051 Options (Multimedia)
CBK91052 Options (Enterprise Software development)
CBK91053 Sub-major choice (IT)
CBK91054 Choice (No specified sub-major)
CBK91055 Options (BIS)
CBK91056 Options (Internetworking)
CBK91057 Options (Data Analytics)
CBK91058 Options (Multimedia)
CBK91059 Options (Enterprise Software Development)
CBK91060 Research Project choice
CBK91061 Major choice (IT)
CBK91065 International sub-major/electives
CBK91076 Electives (Economics)
CBK91077 Electives (Business UG)
CBK91079 Major/Two sub-majors/Sub-major + four electives
CBK91080 Elective
CBK91083 Electives (Project Management PG)
CBK91084 Options
CBK91096 Elective
CBK91100 Options (Honours)
CBK91102 Sub-major choice
CBK91113 Electives (Digital Health and Analytics)
CBK91142 Electives
CBK91144 No specified major
CBK91145 Electives/Sub-major (Strategic Communication Extension)
CBK91146 Electives
CBK91147 Electives (Extension)
CBK91148 Major choice (Professional Engineering PG)
CBK91155 Electives (Pharmacology)
CBK91159 Science choice
CBK91160 Mathematics choice
CBK91161 Social Sciences choice
CBK91162 Mathematics/Science choice
CBK91163 Science/Mathematics choice
CBK91164 English choice
CBK91166 Science choice
CBK91167 Mathematics choice
CBK91168 Business Studies/Economics choice
CBK91170 Mathematics major choice
CBK91171 Science sub-major choice
CBK91172 Science major choice
CBK91173 Mathematics sub-major choice
CBK91176 Electives (Global Health)
CBK91177 English choice
CBK91181 Science choice
CBK91185 Science choice
CBK91186 Four Field Study choices
CBK91194 Electives (UG Architecture)
CBK91196 Electives (PG Finance)
CBK91201 Options
CBK91202 Choice (Advanced Technology)
CBK91203 Choice (Technology)
CBK91205 Sub-major/Four electives (Education)
CBK91206 International sub-major/Four electives (Education)
CBK91208 Electives (Economics)
CBK91209 Options
CBK91210 Electives
CBK91218 Electives (International Business UG)
CBK91219 Electives (Management UG)
CBK91220 Major choice (Information Technology)
CBK91222 Electives (Advanced Journalism)
CBK91223 Electives (Advanced Journalism)
CBK91225 Major choice
CBK91230 Major choice (Forensic Science)
CBK91231 Technical subject choice (Data Engineering)
CBK91232 Subject choice (Data Engineering Fundamentals)
CBK91234 Technical subject choice (Software Engineering)
CBK91235 Advanced Project Management
CBK91236 Major choice (Biotechnology)
CBK91237 Electives (Landscape)
CBK91260 Options (Engineering Management Shanghai)
CBK91261 Major choice (Management)
CBK91262 Primary electives
CBK91263 Secondary electives (UG)
CBK91264 Secondary electives (PG)
CBK91265 K-12 electives
CBK91266 Major choice
CBK91267 Options
CBK91268 Options
CBK91269 Options (Law PG)
CBK91271 Electives (Human Structure and Function)
CBK91728 Choice (Legal Futures and Technology)
CBK91729 LLB options
CBK91730 Options Honours
CBK91731 Honours choiceblock
CBK91732 Choice (Interaction Design)
CBK91733 Graduate Research Project + Elective option
CBK91737 Electives
CBK91739 Extension choice (Interaction Design)
CBK91742 Subject choice (Electronic Engineering Fundamentals)
CBK91743 Cyber Security choice
CBK91744 Cyber Security choice
CBK91745 Cyber Security choice
CBK91746 Cyber Security choice
CBK91747 Cyber Security Engineering choice
CBK91748 Cyber Security Engineering choice
CBK91751 Secondary stream choice (International)
CBK91753 Elective (Construction Management)
CBK91754 Option 1 (Landscape Architecture)
CBK91755 Option 2 (Landscape Architecture)
CBK91756 Electives
CBK91757 Elective
CBK91758 Electives
CBK91759 Electives (Strategic Communication)
CBK91760 Electives (Strategic Communication)
CBK91761 Executive Master stream choice
CBK91762 16 cp Electives (Medical Biotechnology PG)
CBK91763 Electives (Science PG)
CBK91764 Electives (Science PG)
CBK91765 Discipline electives (Science PG)
CBK91766 Professional elective(s) (Science PG)
CBK91767 Electives (Science PG)
CBK91768 General choice
CBK91769 Innovation choice
CBK91770 Industry choice
CBK91771 Production choice
CBK91772 General choice
CBK91773 Elective
CBK91774 General choice
CBK91775 Electives (Law, Ethics and Governance)
CBK91779 Real Estate Investment option
CBK91781 Electrical Engineering options
CBK91782 Electrical Engineering options
CBK91783 Electrical Engineering options
CBK91784 Electrical Engineering option
CBK91785 Project Management (Advanced)
CBK91786 Sub-major choice
CBK91787 Structural Engineering core
CBK91788 Civil Engineering core
CBK91789 Geotechnical Engineering core
CBK91791 Sub-major + elective
CBK91792 Electives (Education)
CBK91793 Electives (Education)
CBK91794 24cp Electives (Forensic Science Ext PG)
CBK91795 Primary specialisation
CBK91796 Secondary stream
CBK91797 Major choice
CBK91798 Major choice
CBK91799 Major choice
CBK91800 Electives (Extension)
CBK91801 Electives (UG Architecture)
CBK91802 Foundation option (Business Analytics)
CBK91803 Specialisation option (Business Analytics)
CBK91804 Electives (Business Analytics)
CBK91805 Electives (Business Analytics)
CBK91806 Specialisation option (Business Analytics)
CBK91807 Options (Data Science and Innovation)
CBK91808 High Performance Sport Diploma Choice
CBK91809 High Performance Sport Electives
CBK91818 Electives
CBK91819 Electives (Health Policy and Economics)
CBK91821 Innovation and Enterprise Systems choice
CBK91822 Electives (PG High Performance Sport)
CBK91823 Stream choice (Information Systems)
CBK91824 Choice (Complex Systems)
CBK91825 Studio choice (Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation PG)
CBK91826 Electives (Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation PG)
CBK91827 Electives (Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation PG)
CBK91828 9cp Key Enabling Methodologies GCCISI
CBK91829 Studio choice (Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation PG)
CBK91830 Electives (Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation PG)
CBK91831 Options (Data Science and Innovation PG)
CBK91832 Electives
CBK91833 Electives
CBK91834 Electives
CBK91835 Elective
CBK91836 Electives (Health Policy and Economics)
CBK91837 Options
CBK91838 Elective (Not-for-profit and Social Enterprise)
CBK91839 Elective (Not-for-profit and Social Enterprise)
CBK91840 Elective (Not-for-profit and Social Enterprise)
CBK91841 Elective (Event Management)
CBK91842 Elective (Event Management)
CBK91843 Electives (Event Management)
CBK91844 Electives (Sport Management)
CBK91845 Electives (Sport Management)
CBK91846 Elective (Sport Management)
CBK91847 Electives (Sport Management)
CBK91848 Electives (Sport Management)
CBK91849 Configurable Choice 1
CBK91850 Professional-focused choice
CBK91851 Advanced Practice stream choice
CBK91852 Professional-focused choice
CBK91853 Professional-focused choice
CBK91854 Configurable Choice 2
CBK91855 Electives (PG)
CBK91856 Choice (Language and Culture)
CBK91857 Chinese Language and Culture
CBK91858 French Language and Culture
CBK91859 German Language and Culture
CBK91860 Italian Language and Culture
CBK91861 Japanese Language and Culture
CBK91862 Spanish Language and Culture
CBK91866 Advanced Nursing Specialty
CBK91867 Electives
CBK91868 Communities of Practice-focused choice
CBK91869 Scientific Thinking choice
CBK91870 Technology-focused choice
CBK91871 Scientific Thinking choice
CBK91872 Communities of Practice-focused choice
CBK91874 Electrical Energy Systems choice
CBK91875 Electrical Engineering studio choice
CBK91876 Electrical Engineering option
CBK91877 Elective (EMBA)
CBK91878 Electives (Design)
CBK91879 Electives
CBK91880 Electives
CBK91881 Leading Learning and Innovation choice
CBK91884 Quality & Safety electives
CBK91885 Advanced Nursing choice
CBK91886 Advanced Nursing online subjects (PG)
CBK91887 Advanced Nursing Online no submajor
CBK91888 Health Services Management Choice
CBK91889 Health Services Management Online No Submajor
CBK91890 Health Services Management Sub-major Electives
CBK91894 Foundation Option (Business Analytics)
CBK91895 Civil and Environmental Engineering choice
CBK91896 Elective (Digital Marketing)
CBK91901 Electives
CBK91902 Electives (Mathematics and Education)
CBK91903 Major + submajor/Major + four electives
CBK91904 Two sub-majors + two electives/Submajor + six electives
CBK91905 36cp Electives (Postgraduate)
CBK91906 Electives
CBK91907 Electives
CBK91908 Electives
CBK91909 Major choice
CBK91910 Primary Specialisation
CBK91911 Primary Education electives
CBK91912 Primary Education electives
CBK91913 Electives
CBK91914 Electives (Enrolled Nurse, Block Credit)
CBK91915 Options (Data Science and Innovation) MDataScInn
CBK91916 Electives
CBK91917 Free Electives
CBK91918 Electives
CBK91919 Major Choice
CBK91920 Key Learning Areas
CBK91921 Secondary Education electives
CBK91922 Single Teaching Area
CBK91923 Combined Teaching Area
CBK91926 Stream Choice
CBK91927 Specialisation Choice
CBK91928 Electives
CBK91929 Society and Culture stream / Communication electives
CBK91930 Specialisation Choice
CBK91931 Electives (Secondary Education)
CBK91932 Electives
CBK91933 Major choice (Engineering Studies)
CBK91934 Options
CBK91935 Electives
CBK91936 Options
CBK91937 Elective Choiceblock GDFinance
CBK91938 Primary Electives choice
CBK91939 Secondary Electives choice
CBK91940 Advanced Nursing Specialty
CBK91941 Electives
CBK91943 Stream Choice (Health Sciences)
CBK91944 Stream Choice plus Electives (Science)
CBK91945 Stream Choice plus Electives (Business and Management)
CBK91946 Governance Stream Choice (Health Sciences)
CBK91947 Governance Stream
CBK91949 Industry Stream (Health Sciences)
CBK91950 Industry Stream
CBK91951 Society Stream
CBK91952 Electives (Science)
CBK91953 Electives (Business and Management)
CBK91954 Options
CBK91956 TESOL Electives 1
CBK91957 TESOL Electives 2
CBK91958 TESOL Electives 3
CBK91959 Specialist Stream choice
CBK91961 Core Options
CBK91964 Electives
CBK91966 Sub-major/Options
CBK91967 Options
CBK91968 Electives
CBK91969 Advanced sub-major choice
CBK91970 Options/Sub-major Choice
CBK91971 Electives
CBK91972 Language Major Choice
CBK91975 Language Choice
CBK91976 Elective
CBK91977 Contemporary Society - Chinese
CBK91978 Contemporary Society - French
CBK91979 Contemporary Society - German
CBK91980 Contemporary Society - Italian
CBK91981 Contemporary Society - Japanese
CBK91982 Contemporary Society - Spanish
CBK91983 Core Stream (Honours)
CBK91984 Major Choice
CBK91985 Electives (No specified major)
CBK91986 Free Electives
CBK91987 Free Electives
CBK91992 Options
CBK91993 EMBA Streams
CBK91994 Options
CBK91995 Business Practice Streams
CBK91996 Electives (PG)
CBK91997 Electives (PG)
CBK91998 Electives (PG)
CBK91999 Physics or Chemistry choice
CBK92000 Physics choice
CBK92001 Chemistry choice
CBK92002 Electives
CBK92003 Electives
CBK92004 Electives
CBK92005 Electives
CBK92006 Specialisation Choice
CBK92007 General choice
CBK92008 Electives
CBK92009 General choice
CBK92010 Second Major/Two Sub-majors/Sub-major + 24cp Electives/48cp Electives
CBK92011 Second Major/Two Sub-majors/Sub-major + 24cp Electives/48cp Electives
CBK92012 WIL Option (B Management)
CBK92013 Major Choice
CBK92016 Options (Cybersecurity Extension)
CBK92017 Elective choice
CBK92018 Options
CBK92020 Stream choice
CBK92021 Electives (Financial Planning)
CBK92022 Management, Enterprise and Technology choice
CBK92023 Management, Enterprise and Technology choice
CBK92024 Electives (Medical Laboratory Science)
CBK92025 Medical Laboratory Science
CBK92026 Stream Choice (UG Cert in Science)
CBK92027 Core choice
CBK92028 Chemical Engineering choice
CBK92029 Environmental Engineering Thread
CBK92030 Human Society and its Environment Teaching Areas
CBK92031 Science Teaching Areas
CBK92032 Technology and Applied Studies
CBK92033 Human Society and its Environment Specialisation
CBK92034 Combined Human Society and its Environment Specialisations
CBK92035 Combined Science Teaching Areas
CBK92036 Sub-major/Electives (Science UG)
CBK92039 6cp Graduate Law Options
CBK92040 Electives (Secondary Education)
CBK92041 72cp Major or submajor and elective choice (Criminology)
CBK92042 24cp Submajor or Electives Choice (Criminology)
CBK92043 24cp Electives Choice (Criminology)
CBK92044 72cp Extended Major Options (Criminology)
CBK92045 72cp Standard Major and Electives Option (Criminology)
CBK92046 Major choice
CBK92047 Choice
CBK92048 Specialisation choice
CBK92049 Stream choice
CBK92050 Science Stream
CBK92051 Electives (Economics)
CBK92052 Electives (PG Architecture)
CBK92053 Electives (PG Architecture)
CBK92055 Electives
CBK92056 Independent Practice Project/Social Innovation Project choice
CBK92057 Country and Language choice
CBK92058 Country and Language choice (Honours)
CBK92059 Real Estate Investment options
CBK92060 Electives
CBK92061 Second Major/ Electives
CBK92062 Elective Choice
CBK92063 Second Major Choice
CBK92064 Elective choice
CBK92065 Stream choice
CBK92066 Electives
CBK92067 Electives (8cp subjects)
CBK92068 Electives (6cp subjects)
CBK92069 Transdisciplinary Electives
CBK92070 Transdisciplinary Electives
CBK92071 Professional elective
CBK92072 Language and International options
CBK92073 EMBA Options
CBK92074 Pathway Options (China)
CBK92075 Pathway Options (France)
CBK92076 Pathway Options (Germany)
CBK92077 Pathway Options (Italy)
CBK92078 Pathway Options (Japan)
CBK92079 Pathway Options (Spain)
CBK92080 Second Major Choice
CBK92081 Second Major Choice
CBK92082 Second Major Choice
CBK92083 Second Major Choice
CBK92084 Second Major Choice
CBK92085 Second Major Choice
CBK92086 Stream choice
CBK92087 Stream choice
CBK92088 Stream choice
CBK92089 Stream choice
CBK92090 Stream choice
CBK92091 Stream choice
CBK92092 Second Major/ Electives
CBK92093 Second Major/ Electives
CBK92094 Second Major/ Electives
CBK92095 Second Major/ Electives
CBK92096 Second Major/ Electives
CBK92097 Second Major/ Electives
CBK92098 Elective choice
CBK92099 Elective choice
CBK92100 Elective choice
CBK92101 Elective choice
CBK92102 Elective choice
CBK92103 Elective choice
CBK92104 Electives (6cp List)
CBK92105 Electives (8cp List)
CBK92106 Electives choice (6cp and 8cp lists)
CBK92107 Electives (8cp List)
CBK92108 Electives (6cp List)
CBK92109 Electives
CBK92110 Electives (MProf Accounting)
CBK92111 Electives (MManagement)
CBK92112 Electives (MManagement)
CBK92113 Electives (MSportM)
CBK92114 Electives (MSportM Extension)
CBK92115 Electives (Management)
CBK92116 Electives (MEventM Ext)
CBK92117 Electives (MNFPSEM)
CBK92118 Electives (MNFPSEM)
CBK92119 Electives (MHRM)
CBK92120 Electives (MHRM)
CBK92121 Electives (MMarketing)
CBK92122 Electives (MMarketing)
CBK92123 Electives (GDMarketing)
CBK92124 Options (Civil Engineering)
CBK92125 Options
CBK92126 Core options (Cybersecurity)
CBK92127 Sub-major/electives choice
CBK92128 Technical subject choice
CBK92129 Non-ICS options
CBK92130 Electives
CBK92131 Core Subjects
CBK92132 Language and Culture subjects
CBK92133 BIS Transfer options
CBK92134 Biomedical Engineering electives
CBK92135 Environment and Management electives
CBK92136 Medical Laboratory Science
CBK92137 Electives (Science UG)
CBK92138 Major choice (Biotechnology)
CBK92139 Stream Choice (Biotechnology)
CBK92140 Major choice
CBK92141 Chemistry Choice 1
CBK92142 Chemistry Choice 2
CBK92144 Major choice (Medical Science)
CBK92145 Major choice (Medical Science)
CBK92146 Major choice (Medical Science)
CBK92147 Core options (Artificial Intelligence)
CBK92148 Core options (Artificial Intelligence)
CBK92149 Professional Choice
CBK92150 Sub-major Choice
CBK92151 Electrical Engineering options
CBK92152 Data Science Engineering choice
CBK92153 Data Science Engineering choice
CBK92154 Level 3 Options
CBK92155 Electives
CBK92156 Alternative Electives Communication
CBK92157 Elective
CBK92158 Electives
CBK92159 Electives
CBK92160 Stream Choice MBA
CBK92161 Health Science choice
CBK92162 Business Elective
CBK92163 Electives
CBK92164 Electives Choice (Criminology)
CBK92165 Cybersecurity options
CBK92166 Artificial Intelligence options
CBK92167 Research Stream choice
CBK92168 Options
CBK92169 Programming for Research
CBK92170 Accounting Research Electives
CBK92171 Accounting Research Option
CBK92172 Accounting Research Electives
CBK92173 Accounting Research Option
CBK92174 Stream Choice
CBK92175 Finance Research option
CBK92176 Finance Research electives
CBK92177 Marketing Research electives
CBK92178 Stream choice
CBK92179 Management Research electives
CBK92180 Management Research option
CBK92181 Management Research option
CBK92182 Elective
CBK92183 Elective or non-common law subject
CBK92184 Electives (8cp subjects)
CBK92185 Science (Honours) major choice
CBK92186 Electives
CBK92187 Cybersecurity options
CBK92188 Sub-major/Electives Games Development
CBK92189 Medical Laboratory Science Electives
CBK92190 Sub-major choice (Chemistry)
CBK92191 Sub-major choice (Mathematics)
CBK92192 Sub-major choice (Physics)
CBK92193 Sub-Major Choice/Elective
CBK92194 Major choice
CBK92195 Major and Sub-majors/Electives choice
CBK92196 Core subjects (DInn)
CBK92197 Elective subjects (DInn)
CBK92198 Subject choice (Physical Sciences) Level 2 BSc
CBK92199 Subject choice (Physical Sciences) Level 3 BSc
CBK92200 Electives (8cp subjects)
CBK92201 High Performance Sport Masters choice
CBK92202 Digital Enterprise Analytics choice
CBK92203 Electrical Engineering options
CBK92204 Electronic Engineering option
CBK92205 Stream choice (Advanced Science)
CBK92206 18cp Electives (MHRM)
CBK92207 12cp Electives (MHRM)
CBK92208 Electives
CBK92209 Electives
CBK92210 Options
CBK92211 Electives
CBK92212 Sub-major/Electives
CBK92213 Electives
CBK92214 Sub-major/Electives
CBK92215 Electives (UG Construction Project Management)
CBK92216 Electives
CBK92217 Options
CBK92218 Sub-major/Options
CBK92219 Electives (UG Property Economics)
CBK92220 Options
CBK92221 Sub-major/Options
CBK92222 6cp Electives
CBK92223 Chemistry choice
CBK92224 Chemistry choice
CBK92225 Supply Chain Management Options
CBK92226 Electives
CBK92228 Major Choice Science MSc MBA
CBK92229 Elective Choice
CBK92230 Electives (6cp subjects)
CBK92231 No specialisation
CBK92232 Women's and Children's Health Specialisation Choice
CBK92233 UG Study Abroad and Exchange Session 1 Choice
CBK92234 UG Study Abroad and Exchange Session 2 Choice
CBK92235 PG Study Abroad and Exchange Session 1 Choice
CBK92236 PG Study Abroad and Exchange Session2 Choice
CBK92237 Elective Options (6cp subjects)
CBK92238 Elective Options (8cp subjects)
CBK92239 Electives
CBK92240 Electives
CBK92241 Electives (Business)
CBK92243 Introduction to Speciality Practice
CBK92244 Elective choice (Psychology)
CBK92245 Psychology Elective choice
CBK92246 Electives (Medical Science Leadership)
CBK92247 No specified major
CBK92248 Electives
CBK92249 Major choice
CBK92250 No Specified sub-major
CBK92251 Tunnelling and Underground Engineering core
CBK92252 Tunnelling and Underground Engineering choice
CBK92253 Tunnelling and Underground Engineering choice
CBK92254 Electives (Sustainable Energy)
CBK92255 Electives (Sustainable Leadership)
CBK92256 Electives
CBK92257 Electives
CBK92258 Electives
CBK92259 Electives
CBK92260 Options
CBK92261 Electives
CBK92262 Electives
CBK92263 Electives (Sport and Exercise Management)
CBK92264 Electives (Sport and Exercise Management)
CBK92275 Major + sub-major/Major + four electives/Two sub-majors + two electives/Sub-majo
CBK92276 Major/2 Submajors/1 Submajor + 4 Electives/8 Electives BBus
CBK92285 Options (Project Management)
CBK92286 Options
CBK92287 Electives (MMarketing)
CBK92288 Electives (MMarketing)
CBK92289 Electives (GDMarketing)
CBK92290 Advanced Nursing choice
CBK92291 Electives
CBK92292 Electives
CBK92293 Option (Real Estate Investment PG)
CBK92294 Options (Real Estate Investment)
CBK92295 Discipline electives (Medical Biotechnology PG)
CBK92296 Electives (Medical Biotechnology PG)
CBK92297 Electives (Medical Biotechnology PG)
CBK92299 Stream choice
CBK92300 Electives (Science UG)
CBK92301 Scientist's Tool Kit choice (Life or Environmental Sciences)
CBK92302 Scientist's Tool Kit choice (Physical or Chemical Sciences)
CBK92303 Key Enabling Methodologies Options
CBK92304 Electives (Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation PG) MCISI
CBK92305 Electives (Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation PG) Grad Dip
CBK92306 Sub- major Choice (Quantum Technology)
CBK92307 Stream choice (Advanced Science)
CBK92308 Electrical Energy Systems choice
CBK92309 Options
CBK92310 Specialisation choice MFinance
CBK92311 Electives (Finance)
CBK92312 Finance Specialisation choice
CBK92313 Electives (Finance)
CBK92314 Electives GDFinance
CBK92317 Chemistry or Physics choice
CBK92318 Mathematics and Chemistry/Physics choice
CBK92319 Electives (Secondary Education)
CBK92320 Electives
CBK92322 Elective choice
CBK92323 Electives (6cp List)
CBK92324 Electives (8cp List)
CBK92325 Electives