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Student leadership programs

Beyond UTS International Leadership Development (BUiLD) program

Beyond UTS International Leadership Development (BUiLD) is an exciting and dynamic leadership, global citizenship and social development program focusing on global awareness, connectedness and social justice issues. BUiLD participants are able to engage with an extensive suite of experiential learning opportunities locally and internationally including leadership development and social awareness workshops, volunteering, community engagement and networking opportunities, short-term international programs, study tours and internships.


UTS: Shopfront is a fully integrated community engagement program that is embedded in existing teaching loads and academic research activities across the University. Academically rigorous projects are initiated by the community and undertaken by students through subjects supervised by academics. Projects can range from large, multi-disciplinary undertakings involving several subjects over a number of sessions to small projects that might involve one or two students.

Students undertaking projects with community organisations as a component of their coursework are able to demonstrate key leadership qualities such as decision-making, teamwork, communication, interpersonal skills, facilitation and negotiation.

SOUL Award

UTS: SOUL Award develops social responsiveness and leadership skills by connecting students to the local community and encouraging volunteering and participation.

SOUL is open to all students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and supports them to venture beyond their degree and into the community, applying the skills and knowledge learnt at UTS to the real world, developing leadership skills and building networks along the way.

Through SOUL students receive leadership training and development, enhanced communication and teamwork skills, and hands-on work experience with community partners.

Peer Network

Peer Network is a group of volunteers made up of local and international students. They are an energetic, outgoing team involved in all aspects of the University, and their aim is to assist new students in their transition to university life.

At the beginning of every primary teaching session, Peer Networkers volunteer their time to assist new students during the UTS Orientation Program. This involves leading campus tours, staffing the orientation help desk and coffee cart, mingling at official welcomes, answering questions from new students, serving food at lunches, and more. Peer Networkers are also involved in various events with the Student Engagement and Development Team throughout the session including Students Helping Students, Network Cafe, Census Date Lunches and faculty-specific events.

Brennan Justice and Leadership program

The Brennan Justice and Leadership program is a voluntary program for UTS law students that seeks to strengthen the justice consciousness, idealism and sense of service that they bring to their studies and later professional work. Introduced in 2011, it is a joint initiative of the UTS Faculty of Law and the UTS Law Students' Society.

The program provides opportunities for students to develop their leadership potential and take part in a range of lectures, discussion groups and voluntary activities. Joining the program gives students the ability to go beyond the academic curriculum of their degree.

Accomplish Award

UTS Accomplish Award is a program aimed at improving the employability of UTS students. The program focuses on building transferable skills which employers have identified as being crucial to success in the recruitment process. Students may also have the opportunity to hear directly from employers during the workshops, allowing them insight into many different industries.

Students must complete 100 hours of work experience over the year, allowing them to put into practice what they have learned in the Accomplish workshops.

The final component of the program sees students participate in a mock interview with employers and alumni, allowing them to use their acquired skills to impress recruiters from their chosen industries.

Successful students receive the Accomplish Award, signed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.