University of Technology Sydney


Following admission, students are required to identify the set of subjects from their study plan that will constitute their enrolment each year. They must also select a teaching period and a location from those that are on offer for each subject.

Correct enrolment in subjects is the responsibility of the student. For subjects being studied in Australia, enrolment is undertaken using My Student Admin.

In addition to formally enrolling in each subject, it is necessary to register for activities (e.g. classes, lectures, tutorials, seminars) via myTimetable.

Continuing students are required to enrol for the coming year during the published re-enrolment period from late October to early January otherwise a late enrolment fee will apply. To avoid the late enrolment fee, students should enrol in at least one subject.

Current UTS students enrolling for credit in subjects conducted outside the university have to submit a hardcopy application form. For further information see:

Enrolment Changes

Information on leave of absence and withdrawal from a subject or entire course is available on the UTS website.

Additions and deletions can be made to an enrolment using My Student Admin within a tightly defined time frame limited by the last day to add a subject (refer to principal dates for details). The last day to withdraw from a subject is the teaching period census date.

Failure to notify the university of withdrawal from a subject before the teaching period census date can result in subject failure and incurs financial liability.

Students can also withdraw from coursestransfer to another UTS course (internal course transfer) or take a leave of absence.