University of Technology Sydney

Census dates

The university is required to set a census date for each subject it offers.

The census date is:

  • the date students become financially liable for any subjects in which they are enrolled
  • the final day students can withdraw from a subject without financial liability and academic penalty
  • the date students incur a HELP debt for any subjects for which they have taken out a HELP loan
  • the final day Commonwealth-supported students and students requesting Commonwealth assistance can submit appropriate Commonwealth assistance forms and provide their tax file number if they wish to defer their tuition fees
  • the final day the university is allowed to accept upfront payments of Commonwealth-supported-place student contributions (earlier deadlines for payment may apply).

Further information on census dates is available from the Student Administration Unit.

Census dates for research degree students are later in the year for Autumn and Spring sessions due to the flexible start dates for research students. Full financial and load liability applies after the census dates. Further information is available from the UTS Graduate Research School.