University of Technology Sydney

Application and admission

Information about applying to study at UTS is available at:

See also the UTS Admissions and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Section 5 of the Student and Related Rules which outline admission requirements. See the principal dates for application deadlines.

Domestic applicants

UAC applications

Applications from Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens and permanent visa holders for all undergraduate courses are made through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

The most up-to-date UAC codes and application dates are available via the UAC website.

Direct applications

Admission to all postgraduate coursework courses are made via the UTS Student Portal.

Admission to undergraduate honours, Diploma in Information Technology Professional Practice, Diploma in Languages, and Diploma in Innovation is available via direct application to UTS.

Information on and application forms for admission to higher degree research programs are available from the UTS Graduate Research School.

International applicants

International student applications for undergraduate and postgraduate courses can be made directly to UTS International or through one of the university's international principal dates for application deadlines.

International student applications for study abroad or exchange programs (non-award) studies for one or two sessions can be made directly to UTS International – global mobility programs or via their home university or one of the university's international representatives. See the principal dates for application deadlines.

International students undertaking an Australian HSC prior to the year of commencement of university studies must apply through UAC.

Non-award and cross-institutional study

Students who want to enrol in subjects at UTS, but not as part of a UTS degree or qualification, must apply for non-award or cross-institutional study.

Students who are temporary residents or hold international student visas should contact UTS International for advice on their eligibility.

English proficiency

All UTS courses have English language proficiency requirements which must be met by all students.

If the applicant's previous education was not conducted in English, they are required to demonstrate English proficiency by completing an English language test. Further information is available from the UTS IELTS Centre.