University of Technology Sydney

Prizes and awards

Prizes are awarded each year to students in the university for meritorious work. These are made available through the generosity of private individuals and public organisations. They are offered each session, annually or biennially. In rare instances, a prize is offered only when funds permit. Most prizes are offered subject to the provision that they are awarded only when a student has attained a mark or level of achievement considered by the faculty board concerned to be sufficiently high.

In addition to official university prizes and awards, a number of prizes are available from external sources.

Full details are in the searchable database of prizes and awards.

The university has policy and procedures for the administration of prizes and guidelines for the acceptance and establishment of new prizes.

University medal

A university medal may be awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated exceptional merit.

Further information on the University medal is available in rule 13.8 of the Student and Related Rules and in the guidelines for the award of UTS medals.